Troop 1306 scouts are part of a group of volunteers that are patriotic, who take old tattered and faded US Flags, retire them from service with Honor and then pass the legacy of their embroidered Stars to those that defended them. 


We are cutting the fields of blue, known as the canton, from these old flags, then scissor off the embroidered stars.

Into a plastic bag go a star and an explanation:

"I am part of our American flag that has flown over the U.S.A. 

 I can no longer fly. The sun and winds have caused me

  to become tattered and torn. 

Please carry me as a reminder that 

You are not forgotten."  

Thank you from


Miami Shores, Fl.

Below you will find our Wall of Honor with the pictures and branch of service of some of the Veterans

our troop has honored with stars